NEW – Snap Lid System® – 88 ml SMART repair in a 90 micron version.

To expand the SMART repair range, Colad adds the 90 micron version to the 88 ml Snap Lid System® range. From now on available in 90, 130 and 180 microns.

Paint application system for SMART repair

This Snap Lid System® 88 ml is especially designed for SMART Repair - Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. The SMART Snap Lid System® is designed to provide a quick and cost effective repair to an area of cosmetic damage. It’s designed to tackle the damage in a small localized are, without needing to repaint the entire panel. Meaning it will take less time and effort to repair. It’s a sustainable solution saving costs of material and paint. The cups are made of advanced durable plastic, saving on energy and plastic waste during the production process. Because of this production process the cups are unbreakable!

  • SMART repair: Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. Especially designed for the smallers jobs.
  • Sustainable solution. It's saving costs of material and paint.
  • Unbreakable mixing cups. Made from advanced durable plastic.


Fast and easy paint application using the Colad Snap Lid System®

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