New: Colad Pump Spray System

Sturdy and highly solvent-resistant with superior adjustable spray output. 

As you have come to expect from Colad, we have the highest standards in mind. With pride, we introduce you to our newest innovation, the Colad Pump Spray System. A combination of the new Pump Sprayer Ultimate and a unique coding system. The Pump Sprayer Ultimate is a superior, highly solvent-resistant Pump Sprayer with adjustable spray mist and high compression level, for a flawless spray output. The content coding system allows you to identify your liquids fast and easy. 

The solid pump sprayer is highly resistant to nearly all water- and solvent-based degreasers due to the specially-designed seals. The continuous high pressure (3 bar) guarantees a flawless spray output which can be adjusted to your needs with the adjustable and durable brass spray nozzle. The fluid level is readable from the outside, and the bottle can be stably placed on any flat surface due to its flat base.

Distinguishing between different types of liquid content in your work space can be challenging. A good system to code your spray bottles is a must to keep your inventory organised. The Colad Pump Spray System allows you to easily distinguish between different fluids, using colour-coded rings. Log your code on the Colour Identification Chart to maintain control of your sorting.


  • Designed with superior, highly solvent seals, resistant to water- and solvent-based degreasers
  • Inclinable, durable spray nozzle to reach difficult places
  • Adjustable output to fine-tune the spray pattern to fit your needs
  • High pressure (3 bar) to provide continuous spray output to work consistently
  • Easy distinction and identification of fluids with the help of the coloured-coding rings


What to expect:

  • Efficient and ergonomic handle and pump
  • Pressure relief and safety valve Lock button to prevent accidental spraying
  • See-through to easily identify the fluid level
  • Solid standing due to the additional foot ring
  • Content of 1 litre
  • Scale in litres and fluid ounces
  • Warranty 12 months + additional 24 months after registration


Clean and degrease fast and easy without doubting whether your bottle can hold your liquids! Order yours now! Contact sales@emm.com or visit www.colad.co for more info.


Find out more:

More information about our Pump Spray System can be found at www.pumpspraysystem.com.

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