New: Colad Ceramic Protection

The silicon-free, highly durable coating with 9H hardness, for a strong long-lasting protection and an easy-to-clean surface.


To provide  your clients with the shiniest surface and to lower the maintenance of their vehicle Colad expanded its range with a durable Ceramic Coating and a Surface Preparation liquid to be used before application.

Colad Ceramic Protection is a silicon-free ceramic coating, developed with the latest Sio2-based technology, 9H hardness, extended application time and UV light application control. It creates a sealed layer that protects the treated surface against environmental agents, and makes it easy to clean, scratch resistant and hydrophobic. It guarantees a strong long-lasting protection and an easy-to-clean surface.                      

The coating offers:

  • Ultimate protection against weather influences, acid rain, scratches, chemicals, dirt, UV radiation, oxidation, and corrosion
  • Excellent scratch resistance due to the 9H Pencil hardness
  • Highly durable protection up to 2 years or 50 washing cycles
  • Silicon-free preventing paint contamination
  • Hydrophobic effect for water repellency and easy to clean
  • Weather and UV Resistance
  • Thermal resistance (up to 1000°C)
  • Can be used on any painted or unpainted surfaces, plastic, and metal
  • Including an applicator for fast and smooth application
  • Never miss a spot due to the UV control
  • Closed layer surface protection


Protect any painted or unpainted surface, plastics or metals using Colad Ceramic Protection.
Order yours now! Contact 
sales@emm.com or visit www.colad.co for more info.

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