New: Colad Body Line Marking Tool

Follow and mark in a fluid motion the original body lines of the car for an excellent sanding preparation before you start painting.

The Colad Body Line Marking Tool is designed for body shops. This unique marking tool helps you to follow and mark the original body lines of a vehicle in a fluid motion. The included pencil will mark the outer body lines of vehicle design, even on difficult round and curved auto parts, like wheel housing, doors, etc. This can be used to follow the line and improve and speed up the sanding process. Use this tool as an excellent preparation for sanding the object.


Features and benefits of the Body Line Marking Tool

  • Easy to mark and follow curved, round wheel housing lines, lines of the design on doors, windows, etc
  • Due to it's extendable size, it can be used for a wide variety of vehicles, like cars, trucks and campers and other forms of transportations
  • Sustainable design of metal and therefore a valuable tool for your body shop


Colad Body Line Marking Tool
Art.no. 8040

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