EMM to close Ronin Tools business

Following our previous announcement about the discontinuation of the Ronin Tools brand, we would now like to inform you that our entire stock is sold out.

From today we will stop the Ronin Tools brand. We express our sincere gratitude for purchasing Ronin Tools and our collaboration throughout the previous years. Unfortunately the request for Ronin products over the years has decreased and combined with increasings costs of operation, we are forced to stop the product line.

You are one of our valued customers, and we do care about you. You can contact us in the case of any query or problem about the product purchased. We have a qualified team of professionals who will take care of your queries. For Ronin products and product orders we kindly direct you to the company:

Allpro Products B.V.
Goudwerf 2
6641 TG Beuningen
The Netherlands
T. +31 (0)24 388 0304

We hope you will continue your purchase with EMM International. In recent years, EMM has launched new products, such as Colad UV Fast Curing System®, Turbomix Paintsaver®, Snap Lid System® and Colad BodyGuard® that offer an ingenious answer to industry-specific issues. The result is more efficient and effective paint processing in the automotive, aviation, marine and industry sectors.

We hope for a continued business relationship with your company.

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