EMM and Polymer Science Park join forces to accelerate sustainable innovation

Innovating together is essential

EMM International develops innovative solutions to make the best use of paint in all large-scale paint processing industries. These solutions have been inspired through collaboration across the entire chain, from the drawing board to distributors and end users. In recent years, EMM has launched new products, such as Colad UV Fast Curing System®, Turbomix Paintsaver®, Snap Lid System® and Colad BodyGuard® that offer an ingenious answer to industry-specific issues. The result is more efficient and effective paint processing in the automotive, aviation, marine and industry sectors.

Innovative growth

EMM's innovative growth in recent years is down to sharing knowledge with external parties. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly challenging to achieve groundbreaking innovations as a company alone. That's why EMM recently joined Polymer Science Park (PSP), which helps companies to accelerate innovations in applied plastics technology.

Gertjan van Driel, Business Development & Special Projects Manager: "PSP and EMM have been in touch for years when attending conferences and, recently, during webinars, too. PSP also carried out small-scale research and analyses on behalf of EMM International. With the growth in the number of innovation projects, we want to engage more expertise – expertise that will be required in broader areas than before. We believe that the PSP network, mainly focused on regional levels, can help us achieve this!"


Sustainable gains

EMM International wants to lead the way in the field of sustainability. One example of this is the launch of the Pro Planet Proof concept. "We hope that other companies will want to join forces on the project, benefit from it or set an example", says Gertjan. EMM International and PSP will now continue, and even strengthen, their partnership, which currently involves processing and using plastics and replacing them with recycled raw materials. Gertjan is enthusiastic about being a member of PSP: "PSP's broad network in the plastics processing industry will come in handy when working on new, sustainable projects. Brainstorming sessions on technical issues and using the knowledge available within PSP are of great interest to us as well!"

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