Developments considering COVID-19

EMM is also working to adapt to the effects of the COVID-19 virus that is spreading around the world. In addition to complying with and implementing the measures advised by the Dutch government, we are aware of the effects that COVID-19 is having on our operations and will adapt accordingly. 

We are well aware that COVID-19 will keep all of us busy in the upcoming months both financially and operationally. In all affected areas, EMM took the necessary precautions over the past few weeks with the mindset that there will be an ‘After COVID-19’ situation.


In the short term and as long as the measures from the government will allow it, we will keep our headquarters in the Netherlands and our local establishments up and running during these times. From our warehouse, we will strive to ship our products as fast as possible worldwide. 

Questions or in need of advice? 

Our sales employees and back office staff are available and happy to help you out. Please note, however, that most of our staff is working from their homes, as advised by the Dutch government's rules and regulations. We ask for your understanding should any delays in the contact chain occur. Please be aware that we are all doing our utmost to help you out as soon as possible during  these special circumstances.

You can contact us any time at:


Special notice about personal protective equipment

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, we have been experiencing a huge demand in protective products such as gloves, paint suits and – most of all – spray masks. Our stock of spray masks has dropped to zero for several weeks now since we are experiencing supply issues from our producers. Demand has been very high from various countries. Our policy is to supply our clients with our range of personal protective equipment as fairly as possible. Massive orders meant for stocking up have been blocked and declined. We are currently keeping our normal prices, but we may need to reconsider this if our suppliers raise their prices. This does not seem to be the case right now, but we can’t rule this out for the near future. 

Our stock of personal protective equipment is suitable to serve the regular demand of our customers, but our supply of some products might be delayed. As of right now, we expect to be able to deliver in a constant flow to you as our customer. EMM is making an exception for and being extra attentive to our healthcare professionals. They have a massive demand for masks, as well as protective clothing and gloves. These customers and some local actors, like GPs, will be supplied at cost plus base to ensure our healthcare system can stay up and running. This means we will supply them at special prices that are lower than usual. Although our products are not medically certified, they are suitable to provide first-line care for our health staff. This does not apply to situations where a fully sterile working environment is demanded for medical reasons.

We regret that there are parties in the personal protective supply chain who are taking advantage of the situation and demanding extremely high prices for these products. Unfortunately, we have determined that some of our products are also part of these practices. This is something we truly regret and we expressly distance ourselves from these practices. Whenever we discover such actions, we will immediately stop supplying the party in question.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact us. We will keep you posted should any further updates have consequences for you as our client. From EMM, we wish you and your family lots of health. Keep following the advice from your local government and together we can make sure that we are able to leave this behind us as quickly as possible.



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