The brands

Engineers from Hamach take a new look at the use of materials, techniques and applications. They know how to achieve more with their ingenuity and knowledge of materials. In short; Hamach is all about design with creative ingenuity. This is the very same ingenuity that the Netherlands is so famous for throughout the world. Be it the Delta Works, the microscope, Bluetooth or Hamach; each and every one are living proof of the exceptional engineering skills to be found in the Netherlands. ‘Thinking out of the box’, that’s Hamach!

Colad is the brand responsible for making lots of things possible. It is sure to come up with ingenious solutions to industry-specific issues. This of course lies in the label’s DNA. It’s not by chance that Colad invented items such as the mixing beaker, the BodyGuard paintsuit and recently also the Turbomix PaintsaverTM. Colad designs unique opportunities for end users, focused on achieving results within the working and company procedures. We’re talking increased enjoyment at work, efficiency, sustainability, professionalism and profit. Colad, inventing more.

Ronin Tools supplies an extensive range of high quality hand tools. The design of these products is focused around convenience, ergonomics and the functionality that the user desires. There is the
right tool for every job. Ronin Tools are extremely comfortable to use and are guaranteed for life.