Tune in at SEMA360, the virtual showcase platform of the SEMA show!

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 developments, it wasn’t surprising to find out that the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) was cancelled. As an alternative, SEMA is hosting a virtual SEMA360 event as a platform for participants to showcase their products. 

Are you joining us during SEMA360 being held on November 2nd through the 6th? Each day of the virtual event we will be hosting live demos of our new UV Fast Curing System and Snap Lid® System. 

The Colad Fast Curing System

The process of UV curing (Ultraviolet Curing) is a photochemical process during which the operator uses ultraviolet light from a specially designed tool to instantly dry UV curing products (such as coatings, primers and adhesives). The Colad Fast Curing System enables you to work faster and more efficiently while significantly reducing curing time between process steps.
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The Colad Snap Lid System®

Fast and easy paint application with the Snap Lid System®. We designed the Snap Lid System® so you can do what you do best. Let’s make it simple. Your mixing cup is your paint cup. Connect the system to your favorite spray gun. Suitable for all kinds of paint. Suitable for all kind of jobs, and available as 88 ml / 3 fl oz. , 350 ml / 11.8 fl oz. , 700 ml, 700 ml UV / 25 fl oz. and 900 ml / 30.4 fl oz.
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Tune in every day to see these innovative products, and many more in action.

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