Pro Planet Proof: the future has started already!

There is no planet B. The planet we know and love is all that you, we and the coming generations have. Colad is very much aware of our responsibility to ensure a healthy future. Sustainable ideas and actions are very important for the entire chain we operate in and this sustainability is not finite. Time and time again, what we need is innovation, dedication and collaboration, because creating a healthy future is not something we can do on our own. 

We would like to show you what steps we have already taken in our chain, from the drawing board to the end user. We cast a critical eye over our production methods and packaging, transport and waste. For us, a sustainable foundation goes far beyond ISO 14001 certification. We want to work in a modern, sustainable building, use green electricity, separate our waste streams as effectively as possible and develop an all-electric fleet. Colad has already taken major steps in all these areas, and there is more.


Our follow-up path also looks at our products specifically, how they are created and what your and our role is in the chain. Together, we are making great strides, for example to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging or to manufacture our products in a more sustainable way. We don't want to sing the same tune as everybody else. No: we are actually setting the tone! Because we are Colad: we think ahead and act accordingly. Only with that attitude can we make our products and their associated processes more environmentally friendly.

Our Colad and Hamach brands are living proof of this. We are therefore proud to put our own green label on part of our range: Pro Planet Proof. Pro stands for professionals. The caption for this label is 'professionals for a better world' and with good reason. Our idea behind this is: the more professionals, the better. So... are you in? Because the future isn't starting in a few years’ time. The future has started already!

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