NEW! Our interactive digital catalogue!

Check out all of the Colad and Hamach products in our new digital catalogue, with extra product videos, extra product information and new products. 

All innovative applications for all paint processing branches are contained in one digital file for working with paint effectively and efficiently.                         

Today’s professionals only want to work with the best products. We continuously look at our brands with an eye for innovation, searching for the best possible fit for our customers. This has led to the introduction of various new products that complement working processes and help our customers achieve the best results possible. Examples of our new products include: 

  • Colad UV Putty Transparent 
  • Colad Orange Masking Tape ‘New Formula’ 
  • Colad Antidust Premium 
  • Colad Half Masks 
  • Double-Sided Sanding Pads 


Our catalogue contains over 1,000 products. Find detailed information about disposables used in the painting process and for investments such as mixing room machines, work spot equipment, tools and central dust extraction systems. 

NEW! – Interactive digital catalogue 

As of 2022, we developed an interactive product catalogue with all of the background information such as product videos, extra product information, data sheets and new products. All of this information is available in a compact digital file! 

Download the Digital Catalogue 

Ask your dealer for a hard copy of the new 2022 catalogue. 

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