On Thursday, the 15th of November 2021, we gathered the #UVgang for an inspirational work and chat session. At EMM, we believe that your questions, comments and insights will strengthen the collective. In the same way, the collective can strengthen your business. Together we know more. We therefore strive to gain knowledge from the market to improve and develop products that help you further.

Together with @painter_isse, @damageundone, @paintbytony, @detailing_girl and @dimension_customs, we took a critical look at our product range, and talked abut their passion, ambition and the painting industry. We had a day-long learning experience that we topped off with a live session where we talked about all of the above.

We learned a lot that we can use to improve our product range and are thanktfull that they were able to join us to share this experience. After al,l we are striving to increase enjoyment at work, efficiency, sustainability, professionalism and profit.

Curious to find out more about the #UVgang and this discussion?


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