EMM has taken over the production and development activities from Velada

EMM has taken over the production and development activities from Velada located in Biddinghuizen (The Netherlands) per 1 December 2016.

This concerns the activities for coating protection systems such as spray booths including products such like Antidust (adhesive lacquer), Aqua Strippable Coating, Liquid Masking & Protective Industrial Solutions. This takeoverfits with EMM’s policy and strategy to become a full production & development partner for its distribution chain for the EMM brands (Colad, Hamach & Ronin Tools) as well as for private labelling. The acquired activities will be placed within EMM Holding BV. Within the nearby future various new developments will be introduced, for both Automotive, Industrials, Nautica, Decorative and Aviation branches vukqxvv.

Your requirements change due to social, cultural, economic and technical factors. This requires innovative products and solutions. That is why we are a creative centre for innovative applications in all paint processing industries.

EMM develops new inventions that are essential for effective and efficient paint applications. We always involve end users and dealers from all over the world in this process. Together, we accomplish solutions. We then develop, manufacture and test the associated materials and products. This means that our paint processors and finishers are better, safer, more efficient, more rewarding and more innovative to work with for excellent results.

Progress is everything. Achieve it with EMM.
Just add paint.


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