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Exceeding your expectations of yourself with passion

Growth. This might be the word that is used the most in business. Companies wish to achieve growth with regard to results, quality, job satisfaction and social engagement. Company growth requires growth in terms of people. Employees who perform more effectively improve the performance of companies. It is as simple as that.

EMM International is the creative centre for innovative applications in all paint processing branches. EMM develops new inventions that are essential for achieving the best results when working with paint. Practical solutions are conceived, developed, tested and produced based on the collaborative work of the blue box (EMM’s think tank, in which dealers and end users from all over the world are involved on a rolling basis).

This means that our paint processors and finishers are able to deliver work that is better, safer, more efficient, more rewarding and more innovative. Progress is everything, and EMM makes it happen. Just add paint!

Will you grow with us?

New heights can be reached through productive collaboration as well. The underlying aim is to learn from one another and anticipate one another’s aims and the direction they wish to take. Our employees play a vital role in this collaboration. They are the driving force behind EMM. Their knowledge, enthusiasm, flexibility and dynamic attitude are what make EMM successful on the national and international stage.

We expect our employees to do more that just fulfil their job requirements; we look at how you perform your job and how you can develop within that job. We give you the opportunity to get the best from yourself.

Internship at EMM

Are you looking for the perfect setting to put your theoretical knowledge into practice? EMM offers exactly that. A dynamic environment, international focus and ample responsibility: a trainee at EMM will never be bored.

We offer interesting internships at EMM with professional assistance at intermediate or higher vocational education level. Our organisation is the place where trainees can discover their strengths as well as areas for future development. Have you always wanted to find out more about marketing? Are you adept at product management? Do you have good technical skills? We give you the chance to see how all these things work in practice.

Open application

If we do not have a suitable job vacancy or if you are looking for a traineeship in a different discipline, you are very welcome to send us an open application. Please include the following information to ensure that your open application is processed correctly:

  • The type of work or traineeship you are looking for
  • Your educational level
  • Your experience level
  • Your availability (number of hours)


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