Social awarness

Health and well-being are important topics at EMM. We develop products that ensure a healthy and safe working environment. We are, however, aware of the fact that there are people around the world who lack essential basic resources. To improve their standards of living, EMM supports social development by sponsoring various projects.

Housing Projects

In collaboration with our supplier in Sri Lanka, we invest in the development of homes and facilities for their staff. The improved basic circumstances lead to healthier and more motivated staff, which ultimately benefits our production efforts.


UNICEF is the United Nations human rights organisation for childeren in over 150 countries worldwide. The aim of the organisation is to satisfy the basic living requirements of such children. Each year, EMM gives its staff the opportunity to donate their christmas gift to UNICEF.

Oxfam Novib

Oxfam Novib is a global development organisation which strives for a just world without poverty. Together with local partner organisations, it enables people to lead independent lives and escape poverty. Oxfam Novib operates in over 90 countries and offers emergency aid, supports rebuilding efforts and carries out campaigns.

Environmental awarness

To keep the planet in good condition for years to come, EMM continuously invests in reducing its ecological footprint, e.g. by seeking out new products that unite quality with green production. This enables us to supply you with high quality products while minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

Recycled Masking Paper

31% of the world is covered in woods, 1.6 billion people depend on this. Between 2000 and 2012, 229.8 million acres of these woods were destroyed. In the search of durable and environmental friendly solutions,  EMM introduced recycled masking paper. Specially selected recycled paper is the base of Colad recycled masking paper. The fibers are smaller and easier to produce. This reduces the use of energy and water. Colad  recycled masking paper is produced in accordance with:

  • The international PEFC label guarantees that wood and paper products come from a  sustainably managed forest, with the same concern for people, planet and profit.
  • ISO 14001 ensures that environmental impact is being measured and improved.
  • Biodegradable in accordance with the requirements of standard EN 13432:2000.

Recycled plastic

To reduce the ecological footprint of our plastics, we thrive to use recycled plastic instead. For instance our Turbomix Paintsaver. This product is completely made out of recycled plastics.

Why recycle?
Since plastic is non-biodegradable recycling reduces the amount of plastic in the waste stream and prevents plastics ending up in the earths ocean. This ‘plastic soup’ pollutes the water, the animals living in it, and in the end: our food chain.

Biodegradable ingredients

The HR 1000 Cleaning Fluid is fast working product made of biodegradable ingredients. It fits perfectly in a sustainable workshop. The ideal solution for environmental friendly cleaning of putty knives.

This cleaning product is developed for safe, fast and environmental friendly removal of polyester mastic, two-component polyurethanes, water-based and solvent-based paints, clear coatings and all kinds of glue from putty spreaders, rules and small components. It is the replacement for chemical cleaning and solvent based products that are harmful for environment and health.