About us

About us

Innovation requires analytical skill, resourcefulness, thoroughness and creativity. At EMM International, we can offer your company all the products and services it needs to achieve maximum progress and reach unprecedented heights.

All for progress

Your requirements change due to social, cultural, economic and technical factors. This requires innovative products and solutions. That is why we are a creative centre for innovative applications in all  paint processing industries.

EMM International develops new inventions that are essential for effective and efficient paint applications. We always involve end users and dealers from all over the world in this process. Together, we accomplish solutions. We then develop, manufacture and test the associated materials and products. This means that our paint processors and finishers are better, safer, more efficient, more rewarding and more innovative to work with for excellent results.

Progress is everything. Achieve it with EMM International. Just add paint.


Thomas van der Kooij

Managing Director EMM International BV

Environmental awareness

To guarantee a healthy world for years to come, EMM continuously undertakes initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint. We invest in finding new products that bring quality and green production together. This way we supply you with high quality products and we reduce the environmental effects of our activities.

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Working at EMM

New heights can be reached through productive collaboration as well. We give you the opportunity to get the best from yourself.

Working at EMM

EMM International is the creative centre for innovative applications in all paint processing branches. EMM develops new inventions that are essential for achieving the best results when working with paint.

Knowledge centre

"The detailed product training gave me new insights and improved my professional abilities!"

EMM has introduced a new International Knowledge and Experience Centre in which all market & customer input and that of others in the sector are brought together.

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