The 2018 EMM catalogue has arrived!

Check out the news about Colad, Hamach and Ronin Tools in the new 2018 EMM catalogue. Created for paint processing companies and industries to achieve maximum time and money savings.

Today’s professionals only want to work with the best products. EMM continuously looks at its brands with an eye for innovation, searching for the best possible fit for our customers. This has led to the introduction of various new products that complement working processes and help customers achieve the best results possible. Examples of our new products include:

  • Colad Snap Lid System®: 350 ml lids and cups
  • Colad Turbomix Paintsaver® for perfect pigment blending
  • Colad Mixing Cup: small packing of 120 and 150 pieces
  • Colad High End Adhesives for high quality bonding and repair finishing.

EMM presents more than 750 products in the new catalogue. Find detailed information about disposables used in the paint process and for investments such as mixing room machines, work spot equipment, tools and central dust extraction systems.

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