Personal service

Success is derived from improvement. The possibility to improve continuously is generated by connecting people and optimizing working methods. EMM connects people by creating opportunities for contact, both online and offline. In person and via digital media. Meetings to share knowledge, gain new insights and sound out opinions. And also a platform for sharing successes and to stimulate and motivate each other.

EMM works on the base of a carefully worked-out annual schedule, in which all initiatives are brought together. Initiatives with the aim of connecting the professionals in the chain with each other. Connected by contact, by information and by passion. EMM’s account managers warmly invite you to participate in one or more workshops. Your questions, comments and insights will strengthen the collective. In the same way, the collective can strengthen your business. Together we know more.

Share knowledge together. Your view of the sector, of education and of improvement. Give your opinion. EMM has introduced a new international knowledge platform on which all your input and that of others in the sector are brought together. Frequently for educational purposes and sometimes for pleasure.



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